Lash Breaks: Tips and Essential Care

We delve into the necessity and challenges of taking 'lash breaks.' We'll explore the reasons behind lash breaks, such as lash loss, blepharitis, and severe allergies, and share compelling client stories that highlight the physical and emotional impacts of removing lash extensions. As experienced lash technicians and salon owners, we provide practical advice on how to ease clients into lash breaks, maintain healthy natural lashes, choose the right products, and avoid harmful ingredients in lash serums.

Join us as we emphasize the importance of lash care and the benefits of honest communication between lash artists and clients. We'll guide you through the best practices for maintaining the health of your natural lashes, even while wearing extensions, and discuss how to manage common issues like allergies and sensitivities. Our tips will help you understand the ingredients to avoid in lash serums and the effective natural ingredients that promote eyelash health. 

00:00 Introduction to Lash Breaks
01:16 Personal Experiences with Lash Breaks
03:38 Client Reactions and Challenges
06:39 Managing Allergies and Sensitivities
13:34 Lash Serums and Ingredients to Avoid
20:06 Maintaining Healthy Eyelashes with Extensions
24:45 Importance of Proper Eyelash Care
27:10 Curing and Aftercare Tips for Eyelash Extensions
32:35 Choosing the Right Makeup for Eyelash Extensions
33:56 Taking Breaks and Maintaining Natural Lashes
36:03 Final Thoughts

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Lash Breaks: Tips and Essential Care
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