Essential Lash Industry Products Worth Your Dollar

We discuss essential products that are worth investing in for those in the lash and esthetician industry. We share our personal experiences with ergonomic chairs, lash beds, ring lights, and more, emphasizing the importance of ergonomics and comfort for both the practitioner and the clients. We also touch upon our favorite tools and storage solutions, offering practical tips for improving work efficiency and client satisfaction.

Tune in to discover how to make your lash business more efficient and comfortable for everyone involved!

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Ergonomics in the Lash Industry
04:21 Adjustable Equipment for Client Comfort
06:36 Essential Tools for Lash Artists
07:38 Lighting Solutions for Perfect Photos
15:54 Investing in Comfort
18:37 Finding Affordable Esthetician Equipment
19:44 Lash Beds and Chairs
21:59 Lash Glasses
26:12 Taking Quality Photos for Your Portfolio
28:52 Creating a Comfortable Client Environment
34:06 Final Thoughts and Tips


Products Discussed:

Ergonimic Chair

Lash Wand To Go Container

Lip Wand Applicator


Essential Lash Industry Products Worth Your Dollar
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